Logistical Management of the Day

The effective coordination of spaces, time, suppliers, and activities are crucial factors for the successful execution of an event. To ensure this, we have developed a comprehensive logistical management service for the day, encompassing:


  • Budget Planning
  • Selection of suppliers tailored to the couple’s needs (tastes, budget, desires)
  • Creation of a logistical space plan
  • Coordination of suppliers
  • Development and management of the event timeline
  • Logistic support for guests (accommodation, transportation)
  • Management of external rental logistics
  • Logistics, direction, and coordination of the ceremony on-site (if requested)

Please note that this service does not encompass wedding planning and is not compatible if the couple has already engaged a wedding planner

The service is solely focused on the organization and management of all aspects surrounding the event venue. Specifically, it does not include:


  • Handling bureaucratic procedures for civil/religious ceremonies
  • Site visits to churches, town halls, etc.
  • Attendance at appointments with other vendors such as bridal boutiques, catering, flower designers, musicians, photographers, graphic designers, etc.
  • Provision of decorations (flowers, centerpieces, lanterns, seating plans, etc.)

Furthermore, logistical management of the event is only possible when utilizing the suppliers with whom I routinely collaborate. In such cases, I can take responsibility for the successful outcome of the event.


The cost of the aforementioned service is € 350.00 + VAT.


Can I use your reception management service if I wish to use all your recommended suppliers but have a friend who is a DJ?

We guarantee success exclusively with the support of our designated suppliers

What happens if I choose to get married at Tenuta Passera Marchiotto without utilizing the logistical support?

While it is possible, we cannot guarantee the smooth execution of the event and the seamless collaboration among suppliers, as there won't be oversight and coordination. This includes aspects such as playing your chosen song as you walk down the aisle, ensuring the flowers are exactly where requested, lighting the candles on the tables at dusk, and ensuring every detail is flawless

What if I choose to get married at Tenuta Passera Marchiotto with the assistance of a wedding planner?

This is feasible. The support and logistics will be overseen by your chosen planner

We have many guests coming from abroad and need assistance with hotels/shuttles. Can you provide this service? Many of our guests do not speak Italian

Certainly. Our staff is proficient in English, French, and Spanish

Can I avail this service at a different venue?

This service is exclusively available at Tenuta Passera Marchiotto