Every couple is unique

Wedding is a very important moment in everyone’s life. Every couple we meet already has the type of reception they dream of in mind, but we have found that they are often not sure where to start. For this reason we have prepared these ideas, which can provide initial inspiration and can be visited during the organization. The 360-degree organization makes Tenuta Passera Marchiotto an immersive experience: the welcome, the team of professionals at your service, the magic of the location, are the ingredients for the perfect success of every event.



Ceremony is the most exciting moment, in which to leave freedom to feelings. The choice of space is of primary importance: where it all starts. Decorations will talk about you, who you are and your personality. In Tenuta Passera Marchiotto there are many spaces to choose from.

Pro Tip: remember to pay attention to the choice of the celebrant, the key figure of your wedding celebration

ceremony in the stables

The Stables, positioned in the shadow of the majestic Viale dei Tigli, are the perfect setting for organizing the symbolic ceremony. Shaded at any time of the day, they are the perfect setting for exchanging vows. The enchanting foliage, combined with the perfect arrangement of the lime trees, create a natural nave which is perfectly suited to the arrangement of the displays.

ceremony in the COURTYARD

Ceremony in the courtyard, elegant and sophisticated, allows you to create a real surprise effect and reveal the decorations at the last moment. Getting married at sunset makes the celebration unforgettable for all your guests.

Ceremony in the Woods

Always evocative, the forest is magical. The sun gently peeks out between the imposing foliage of the centuries-old trees. Perfect for both sophisticated and refined settings, as well as for the more gypsy and boho ones. The bright colors of spring, the warmer ones of autumn make it romantic in all seasons.

Ceremony in the Salone delle Feste

In case of bad weather, the ceremony can be wonderfully romantic and exciting: the scenographies provided for the outside are reproduced in the Salone delle Feste. Large windows overlooking the park make the environment fresh and natural. The setting frames your promises of love.

Let's ge the party started

The anxiety finally begins to fade: it’s time to welcome your guests. And as if not with a tasty aperitif. At Tenuta Passera Marchiotto it is possible to choose different solutions, all expertly organised

Aperitif in the coutyard

The beating heart of the entire Tenuta, the courtyard is the most intimate and romantic place par excellence. Here you can breathe an enchanted atmosphere, in which history and architecture blend with more sophisticated settings. The perfect point from which to start the reception, with a breathtaking sunset

aperitivo in corte

Aperitif in Pergola

Gently shaded in the afternoon, the Pergola is a huge and green space perfect for an Italian aperitif

Aperitif in the Garden

The gently shaded garden is suitable both for daytime entertainment and for a cocktail at sunset.

Its size is particularly suitable for numerous events


For those who dream of a natural environment, wild and refined at the same time, an aperitif in the woods is the perfect solution. Nothing better to amaze your guests. The temperature, always mild, guarantees perfect shelter from the summer heat. The maniacal cleanliness also makes it suitable for use with long dresses and high heels


The choice is yours: four solutions, different in mood, space, climate and capacity


An elegant 300m2 panoramic space, completely covered by the starry sky. All around is nature and the chirping of birds. Elegant white curtains grace the structure, swaying gently in the first breath of breeze


Round, square, imperial, horseshoe-shaped… The square layout of the courtyard is functional for any type of setup. Your guests will be enchanted.

The courtyard lends itself to fascinating light design installations, such as starry skies, architectural lighting, suspended chandeliers, but also to enchanting floral hangers and everything that only the expertise of skilled flower designers can imagine


The centuries-old lime trees, the lights, the music. Magical atmospheres, outdoor dinners under starry skies.

Dinner in the stables is much more.

Salone delle Feste

Large windows overlooking the outside, delicate colors and nature around… The Salone delle Feste is wonderful in all seasons. Equipped with air conditioning and heating, it can accommodate approximately 140/150 people arranged at round tables.

The sweetest moment

The real star of the entire reception is none other than the Wedding Cake. Traditional, romantic, multi-tiered, or covered in a cascade of flowers and fruit – all the guests will be taking pictures of it

The party goes on

What’s more beautiful than the freedom to choose. At Tenuta Passera Marchiotto not only can the party continue, but you can choose which space you prefer: the romantic courtyard, the enchanting greenhouse with its starry sky, or the Salone delle Feste, perfect for all temperatures and seasons

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